I'm finally on the up and up and getting over this darn cold. On Wednesday my package finally came and I shared a few pictures via twitter. I'm ridiculously excited about the BYU onesie and can't wait for our little one to wear it and wear it out, maybe even share it with a sibling if it lasts that long.

I was doing a little blog-surfing while on my break and came upon this awesome video of a flautist beatboxing. Maybe I need to do a little less blogging and a little sewing/crafting/singing..SOMEthing.

Also, for my birthday Ryan gave me an awesome Camelbak insulated waterbottle that I'm in love with. I also just got back from an Elementary school in which I left it last Friday and was crossing my fingers that it was still there. I had just decided that if it wasn't I was just going to buy another one and not tell Ryan so as to not look as irresponsible as I really am... Thankfully it was there. And now I've got a death grip on it.

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