recipe winner.

I love when you make a recipe and know that it belongs on your "make again" list. We actually had the first "I don't think I really want to make this again" dish last week and it was me who didn't really love it. I tried out kale and maybe I messed up the sauce or something, but it wasn't my favorite pasta dish. I'm bound and determined to make dishes with kale in them though because hey, I'm a nutrition teacher, I should know how to use this awesomely nutritional leafy green veggie.

Anyway, we've been experimenting with our "meatless monday" dishes (aka vegetarian dishes, since we rarely only make them on Monday, I'm cheap and healthy like that :) and made these babies last night. We also have some vegetarian friends and I was stoked to try out a new dish for them. We ate this plus fresh fruit and I really loved it.  It was like fish tacos but with roasted sweet potatoes instead of fish. Holey cow they were fantastic. I highly recommend them, especially since they're pretty cheap to make and super fall/winter friendly.

Sweet potato and black bean tacos via Joy the Baker. Enjoy!

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  1. We use Kale for our tacos. But I just have a thing where I like the straight taste of kale so. Nick also makes an amazing salad with it but I can't think of what is in it at the moment besides apples. I will find out and let you know.


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