The Holidays.

I can't believe we've been back in Boston almost a whole week. I was talking to Ryan and thinking how being with my family for a week and a half seemed so long ago already and he was thinking about how it felt like just yesterday. Either way, we had so much fun and have some fun pictures to show for it. I feel like I never take enough pictures during the holidays, but I think it's because with my family, we have so much fun just being around each other, cooking together, watching Modern Family together, and talking together. Not exactly "picture-worthy", but definitely memory-worthy. I can't wait until March when I get to see my parents again. I seriously never feel like I get enough. BUT, I am proud to say that I didn't cry at the airport this time. The first time I haven't cried as I've said good-bye to my parents.

Ok, ok, I totally was fighting back tears, and my eyes got watery multiple times that day, but thanks to the pickles I took on the plane and the Perrier that I drank before we got to security, I made it back to Boston in one piece. Thanks mom and dad for everything!!


Lots of baby Gus, reading and watching college bowl games, great food--both at home and going out (awesome italian and bbq) and awesome family. Ryan and I can't wait to see everyone again and have some come visit us here in Boston!

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  1. that gus...what a looker. i miss you guys so much! josh and i were just talking yesterday about how we can make a boston trip happen this year.


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