another recipe winner.

Ok, maybe I just posted yesterday about a good recipe, but whatevs. I made this soup last night and am so ticked that I didn't make it sooner. It's one of my pintrest recipe pins and man, do I love pintrest, along with the awesome food  and food blogs that I find through it. Mmmm.

But back to the recipe.

The name? Broccoli Potato Soup with bacon on top. Come on, doesn't just saying that name want to make you make it? Wintertime means eating this soup.

It's totally comfort food, super easy and pretty simple and quick.  Dive in please. It's totally calling your name.

Brocoli Potato soup with bacon. From Dana made it. You should make it too :)

PS The blog also has some adorable sewing and craft tutorials that I love (and really, someone could make them for me too, I don't HAVE to make them myself…): these cute diaper covers (a little boy can wear them too, right?!), this acorn wreath (inspiration for my own lima bean wreath), crib/toddler bed sheets (I can tell you the dimensions for our crib mattress in a few weeks…), adorable hot pads with tutorials on bias tape included, this faux chenille blanket that was the tutorial for the awesome blanket we received from my first BYU roommate, Megan (THANKS MEGAN!), and this super cute paci clip. Just to name a few.

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