Visitors (and chubby squirrels).

On the weekend before Thanksgiving we had some friends from our BYU days come and visit us! We lived in the same ward as Doug and Charisse the whole time we lived in Provo and even met up with them when we were in Italy this summer. Now they live in North Carolina, but since they're both from New York and Boston is the temple the went to, we get to see them when they come into town for weddings! Someone's cousin got married that weekend and they spent an extra day here and hung out with us! They even got to test out the futon (we slept in it before our movers came, but they're the first guests to do so) and said that it was comfy. No one ever said that about sleeping on our old couch, so hopefully we can move up in the guest department.

Anywho, we watched Law and Order, traipsed around the North End (our Little Italy) and walked through the Financial District to Boston Common for a bit of history. I mostly wanted to eat some good food with them and since we know Doug loves pizza, we figured the North End would be a success, and it totally was.

First off, check out this GINORMOUS squirrel? We definitely know how to feed 'em here in Boston. Instead of loading up on nuts he's taken to Funions and Cheese Whiz.

Also, we didn't get any pictures of the Vandys, but Charisse took at least one, I know, so I'm patiently waiting for that post :) We also figured it was one of the last "fall" pictures we'd take so heres to the end of fall and the beginning of birthday/Christmas/winter/family season!!

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  1. Thanks so much for having us! We definitely had a lot of fun :)


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