a date night movie.

Last year we decided to make Netflix our Christmas gift to one another and let me tell you, it has not disappointed. We've loved making our date night movies picks from our queue and watching awesome tv show series like 30 Rock, Arrested Development, The Cosby Show, and Law and Order (Original, SVU, and Criminal Intent). In fact, when Ryan and I were dating, or maybe right after we got engaged, we filled out a questionnaire and one of the questions was "What TV show would you watch together?" We both wrote down Law and Order. We're classy like that.

Last night we watched True Grit (it's rated pg-13, just fyi) and I super-highly recommend it. I must admit, the only other western-type movies I have seen are Butch Cassidy and There Will Be Blood, but I loved them both and now I can add True Grit to that list. There's a bit of gun violence (read: it's a western, so that's a given) and even a semi-questionable seen after Matt Damon bites through his tongue, but you don't see anything (thank goodness), just squirm in your seats for a minute.

But for real, you should watch this. The 14 year-old who plays Maddie is a spit-fire and I love her attitude. Also, throughout the whole movie they never use contractions and dang, it sounds so classy, even with their crazy Arkansas accents. Netflix or rent this movie pronto, we loved it.

Also, Ryan kept complementing her knowledge of contract law (yes, it is indeed finals season so he's up to his eyeballs in all that law-loving knowledge), so you learn a thing or two!


  1. Chase and other friends said it was great too! But he said I might not like it. Basically because I have gotten more sensitive to violence and gore and other stuff. There are a lot of movies I used to be able to watch but now I can't, not sure what happened! haha

  2. I'm betting that it's more of a good thing to be sensitive to that stuff than a bad thing though.

  3. josh loved it! i wanna see it now after you're review.


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