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Sorry for the second short post in a row. I think I'm especially realizing that my life is actually really busy/the Christmas season is upon us when I can't even watch a whole movie ("Where the Heart Is"…it's on instant Netflix. And it's a Dalby family fave, so, ya know, it's amazing.) in one sitting. We're on day two and I watched a bit yesterday after work, a bit after dinner, and a bit today after work. Maybe it's just that I can't multi-task as well as I should, or maybe it's just that my pick of movies is amazing and I should pick movies that I'm less interested in. It's funny how you can watch a movie so many times, and you know what's going to happen, but I still don't want to put it in the background, I want to watch it with my whole heart and soul in it (example number two: Little Women..sigh).

But back to the original point of this post. Let me just remind you, kids really do say the darndest things. Yesterday, as I was passing out papers, this is how the conversation went down with an 8 year old girl asking me if I was having a baby.

Her "Is there a baby inside of you?"
Me "Yes."
Her "When are they going to take it out??"
Me "…in March."

Is it just me or does it sound like I have some cancer inside of me or something like that? Or that I have a fully-formed child inside of me that I'm just hanging out with until March just 'cause? Anyway, the girl was really cute and I knew what she meant, but the way kids ask questions sometimes….wild.

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