the best thing about hanging out with little kids.

*As I get ready to go back to teaching after my awesome, fantastic break, I just thought I share a few more favorite stories I've had since I've been teaching. And since I hear demand is up for random things that kids say/do, your wish is my command.*

Little kids love you. Automatically. When the kids come in from recess and they see that I'm there, they always have big smiles and ask, "we're having nutrition today?" Some come up and hug you, they're so excited. Alana, a little Kindergartner came up and without any words, any hey or hello, showed me her pink manicured nails.  Don't you just love when a cute little manicure is the highlight of your week and you want to show everyone you know your nails?! If only adults could do that, too. :)

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