This may just be my favorite year of holiday celebration yet. I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and some siblings for the first time in 6 years and I get to see them again over the Christmas break. They never seize to make me laugh and smile and just plain relax. Ahh, I love it. 

Over Thanksgiving break the girls there (me, my sister Kaylea, my mom and my grandma) made felt wreaths and I absolutely love mine. It's mostly cranberry red with a little stripe of green. We made one for my mom and just put a few red "berries" in a corner of the wreath, and with Kaylea's we put the red "berries" all over the wreath. I love that all of us have a wreath in our house, that we made together, that are all a little color-coordinated. I don't know how my grandma decided how to make hers since she waited until going home to assemble it, but I just love that we got our creative on and made something pretty while we were there. Good idea, mom!!

Also, last night I went to the Cambridge 1st ward's annual wreathmaking activity and made my first live wreath. They had a cute program with a few musical numbers in the chapel first and then a dinner and wreathmaking activity in the gym afterwards. I ate the best beef and rosemary stew (which reminded me of one that I ate at Station 22 earlier in the year, mmm so good) and made a wreath too so our home smells a bit like Christmas. I haven't attached the bow yet, or officially hung it up, but I'm just too excited not to make a post. Also, we decorated a bit for the Christmas shindig we co-hosted at our place last weekend, so pictures to come. 

Have a great almost weekend!

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  1. umm i would looove some beef and rosemary stew right now. that sounds so yummy.


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