Happy New Year's Eve!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. While taking a much needed breather from studying for finals, a classmate argued vehemently that Thanksgiving trumped all other holidays; it included no stressful shopping, late night partying, or church service. Thanksgiving consists of just cooking, eating, family, and football. Taken individually, I think any holiday can make it's case for being the best. Seeing the holidays holistically, however, helps me appreciate how special the season is.

Each holiday has its own tradition and meaning. Thanksgiving involves copious amounts of food and football. Yet Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. We take time to count our blessings, whether they come in the form of family, friends, health, or relative prosperity. Christmas is a bit more hectic with shopping and decorating; but, at its heart, Christmas shines the spotlight on Jesus Christ: His birth, teachings, and atoning sacrifice. For one special day we are reminded of Christ's invitation to repent, come unto him, and be perfected. Finally, we celebrate New Year's Day with tired eyes either because we stayed out late at a block party or stayed home and passed the new year with Dick Clark. After celebrating we generally take a moment to write down a few new year's goals aimed at improving our health, habits, home, or hobbies.

Isn't it something? We start the holidays recounting our blessings; then we focus on the Savior; finally we determine how we can be better. I love the holiday season not just for the delicious food, gift giving, and recreation. I love the holiday season because they slowly transform us into something better.

I owe this observation to a Bishop I had in Provo. I am grateful for his leadership and guidance. Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season! Happy New Year!


  1. I love this take on the holiday season! I have never thought about the progression through the holidays before and what it should mean for us on a personal level. Thanks! and Happy New Year to the Mangum family!

  2. love this post! and you. i can't wait to see you again this spring!

  3. I really enjoyed your take on the holiday! I love learning from my youngins

  4. I really enjoyed your take on the holiday! I love learning from my youngins


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