new year's resolutions 2012

*boston's public garden, august 2011*

I still can't believe that it's really 2012. That Ryan will be completing his first year of law school and we'll be in Boston a full year. That we'll be celebrating 3 whole years of marriage. That we're going to be adding a third member to our family. So much will happen this year! So, without further ado, our new year's resolutions for 2012:

1. Be better at writing in my journal and write at least 30 days in a row some time this year.
2. Complete a "101 in 1001" goal at least once a month. There are a few goals that take a bit of time, and I really want to make a special push to complete more this year.
3. Have baby and lose the baby weight by eating well and working out consistently. It's all about lifestyle changes and although the baby/body kind of forces you to change, I'm hoping that with this change I can add a healthy change to our life, too.

1. Index one Sunday a month (hurray for learning more about family history!)
2. Write one blog post a month (I'm (emily) super pumped about this one.  Ry said this year he'd make it "our" blog instead of "mine" :)
3. Read to baby everyday. (Ok, I'm even more excited about this. What a good daddy.)

Really, Ryan has a bajillion goals/resolutions, but I just picked a couple especially cool ones. We're super pumped for this year and hope it's a great year for all of our friends and family.

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