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Ryan and I are still at my parent's home, eating way too much, watching football, and playing with baby Gus. We're having so much fun just relaxing and reading and not being too adventurous. Still, I thought I'd update the blog and link up to a blog post and message that I love.

Jasmine Star is a photographer I admire and I love the inspirational post she wrote today about following your dreams, overcoming obstacles, whatever they may be. It's a short little post on how we can choose to believe the doubters or believe in ourselves.

Her message goes really well with the First Presidency message from the Jan. 2012 Ensign that Pres. Monson wrote. With the new year coming up, with new situations and challenges arising, I love that there are so many positive words and messages out there that can sound louder than all the negativeness the world brings to our front door.

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