I made something!

So even though I've had my mom's sewing machine since we've moved here to Boston, and even though it's now placed in the living room strategically so I'd see it all the time, I haven't made anything, until now.

I've been seeing a ton of DIY tutorials for infinity scarves so I thought I'd try my hand at it. I got some fabric at a clearance fabric store near my work (I saw that there was a Dollar Tree in this shopping center so I pulled in to see if they had some arts and crafts paint or glue or something crafty and I found out there was a fabric store in the same shopping center--score!) and made the scarf while catching up on some Biggest Loser on Hulu.

Sidenote #1: I've never watched Biggest Loser until now. I love it and I'm totally kicking myself for not watching more of it. It's awesome, and I cry almost once an episode--so inspirational!

The scarf is definitely not perfect (definitely used tan thread because…it's the only thread I have), but I love it and can't wait to sew more projects. Any suggestions on what I should do next?

Infinity scarf tutorial found at this blog. Also, I used a dark blue lace/solid fabric combo and it's just a single circle but I can't wait to make another scarf that's a figure 8. All I have to do now is find a cute/cheap print that I love…

Sidenote #2: You can't even really see the scarf, but I took the picture more-so because even though I can still hide the bump pretty easily with more of my clothing, wearing a t-shirt totally gives me away. And this is my first pregnancy so I'm totally enamored by my crazy changing body, so bear with me, please and thank you.



  1. nice job! and I love your bump!!

  2. I love everything about this. I love seeing your hair getting longer and I love your bump! :)

  3. you look great and I love that you are huluing biggest loser. I started watching it last season and am totally hooked! It makes me want to work out every time I watch it!

  4. You look amazing!! I love the biggest loser, and am proud to say that I have watched every episode ever made. Love it. Your scarf is seriously adorable!! Maybe we will get in at BU and I can come craft with you :)

  5. puh-lease teach me to sew one of those! i'm obsessed!


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