I can't believe it, 22 weeks already.

Ryan comes home every evening around 5 for dinner and then goes back to campus from 7 until 9 or 10. I've been watching Netflix/Hulu, crafting, or reading, but today I added prenatal yoga to the list. I first did yoga as a sophomore with my roommate Ashley and I really fell in love. Even tonight, although I'm not as flexible as before, as I took breaths only through my nose, I felt so much peace. And so much love for my body and the little one growing inside.

Ryan took these pictures Sunday after church and we realized that with daylight savings time, we're going to have to start taking pictures before church instead of after. That sun is gone before you know it! Before it left us Ryan took this picture of me in the middle of Beacon St. Don't worry, there's a median in the middle so no one would have hit us. I love that our street is off to the right and that you can see the Citgo sign (the white square with the red triangle) behind me.

Whenever I'm driving and I can see the sign, I know that I'm not far from our home.

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  1. :) great shot! it's got that softbox look and you look so great! you are definitely glowing!


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