I've been such a blogging slacker lately. I was just complaining talking to Ryan today about not doing a lot this week…but we really have. So more posts on there way, promise.

Tonight we're going to a couple's appetizer party get-together with some other young (and child-less) couples in our ward. I hope we can all still be friends in March and that they'll still invite us! I made two kinds of cheeseballs for the occasion and I'm pretty pumped. One is a chocolate chip cheeseball (a dessert cheeseball) and one's a classic cheeseball. I've made the dessert one before and know it' good, and judging by my unstopability to lick the paddle-attachment clean of the classic cheeseball, I say that one's going to be pretty bomb too.

Hurray for friends and parties and appetizers and dressing up. Also, on this special occasion neither Ryan or I will have showered today until hours/minutes before the party. Unfortunately, the cashiers at the store only saw grungy/look like you just worked out Emily, but don't worry, we put on a good face for our friends.


Hope you've enjoyed the weekend! And extra sleep tonight! WAHOO!

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  1. i've never wanted a cheese ball more in my life. both those recipes look SO good!


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