Week 21

21 weeks. 21 weeks?! I can't believe it. I know that there's a ton more things that are going to happy in the next few weeks and months, but I can't believe I'm *more* than halfway there. That's crazy talk!

Well, it got really cold this weekend, so Ryan and I only ventured across the street today to take a picture. Actually, we were about to, but some friends from church were getting dropped off. I was super embarrassed so we went into an alleyway and took a few "urban" pictures, but then the alleyway was at the back of one of our friends' apartments, so either way, someone saw me bein a dork. I guess I just can't hide it! We went back to our original spot and took a few more pictures. Also, let's just say that none of my skirts fit anymore, so it's dresses to church from here on out. :)


  1. cute prego! i love the stripes = )

  2. Haha the same thing happened tO me today. Love the stripes. And you're mire than half way lady!

  3. too cute! your pregnancy is flyin by!

  4. This dress, no, whole outfit! is adorable!! I love this!


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