a take in meal. also, just a really good meal.

I should really make chicken more often. Too bad sometimes it's just not that cheap! We're more of a cut-up-the-chicken-into-really-small-pieces-to-spread-it-out or use ground beef or just omit the meat altogether  kind of family.

But as I was thinking of ideas to take to a family who just had a baby last week AND they're moving to Cali on Saturday (talk about a whirlwind few weeks, but get this, he got a job with Google. I think that's rad) I wanted to take them something not only good, but also a little healthier, seeing as usually when you move you don't have a lot of fresh ingredients on hand, since you're giving them all away. Thanks to everyone who gave ideas via fbook and twitter. I really want to make spaghetti and french bread now :)

My mom suggested baked chicken with a fresh veggie and I knew that was what I wanted to make. After trying to decide if I wanted to make BBQ chicken, italian chicken, bruschetta chicken (the possibilities are seriously endless) I settled on "skinny chicken parm". AKA really good and simple chicken parmesean. I used Christy's, from The Girl Who Ate Everything blog, recipe and it was a hit. I made extra for Ryan and I to eat after we delivered the goods and it was great. I served it over angel hair pasta and some fresh, steamed green beans with a little sea salt. I even made these Pumpkin Brownies that I pinned weeks ago that everyone else in my family has made but me. They were awesome as well.

The meal + dessert came together in a little over an hour and I can't wait to make it again. I made this chicken parm from Simply Recipes last summer in DC and it was mega-good too. A little more work and a lot more calories, but I really love both and highly recommend them. Try 'em out!


  1. i'm gonna have to try that. also, those pumpkin brownies are insane. josh and i are making them again this weekend. we're addicted.

  2. totally saw the pumpkin brownie recipe on here this morning and made them this afternoon and we love them!! we even took some over to a cute old couple in the ward who live in our complex :) thanks for posting it!

  3. She got that recipe from the blog Skinny Taste! It is my favorite!! She has so many amazing healthy recipes! I seriously cook from her blog at least twice a week! But I have never heard of "the girl who ate everything" so thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm gonna try the chicken so thanks for the idea, the pumpkin brownies are amazing!


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