a new look.

Here's the thing. Ryan met Chase when they were both at school at the U of A. They became pretty good friends. Then they went on missions and didn't see each other for two years. Then they both transferred to different schools (Chase to ASU and Ryan to BYU). Then Chase married Annie. I married Ryan (I don't know who came first though and I don't really feel like researching it now, although Annie can clarify that for me in the comments).

I've only "met" Annie through her blog, through her photography and Fbook, but pretty much we're like soulmate friends who have never met. Also, she's a bomb artist and super creative (and busy, so I even more-super commend her) and happens to own Illustrator. Actually, I have a few friends who own that program. They may or may not be included in my Christmas present gift-giving because I may or may not coral them into making prints for me and my sisters/mom... Anyway, Annie made some awesome headers/posters for my blog/home a little bit ago and since I love them so, but haven't made it to the Costco printing section yet, I decided to put one of my favs as our new header. It's a bit large, and I don't really care, because it's awesome.

Thanks Annie, you're the best! And Chase is automatically included, don't you fret. I can't wait to print this and one of the LOVE prints (I can't decide which one is cuter though, so it may take me about forever) and put them in our home!!


  1. ohmygosh! You are too sweet! and we are so on the same page/soulmate friends. Doesn't even feel like we haven't actually met before, haha.
    And I'll try to clarify the record... we'll see how well my memory serves me.
    So Chase and I had our first date in May 2009. Then I think the next weekend was your reception in AZ. Chase wanted to ask me to go with him but was afraid it was too soon to take me to a wedding reception, and I might freak out and think he was trying to marry me after one date, while I was really hoping he would ask me to go but didn't want to bring it up and make him think I was trying to marry him after one date, haha. So in the end he went and I didn't and we have regretted it ever since!
    We were so close to meeting Emily!!
    And I would LOVE to help out with these Christmas presents ;)

    We seriously have to figure out a time to get together (somewhere)!


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