Getting ready for the weekend.

I'm so ready for this weekend. It also helps that I only have to work a half day today, which will make my Friday even better than normal. In light of this awesome fact I thought I'd post a few of the funnier behind-the-scenes pictures taken from our Sunday walk. Most of the time our roles are reversed and Ryan is the one taking pictures of me, but I like to make sure that he gets a few in there too. Also, Ryan and I are both dorks, so both of our pictures are of us with semi-awkward poses laughing or before laughing because really, if you're in the camera for long enough, you'll get a funny picture.


  1. Oh. My. Heavens. Em. You are totally gorgeous. No. Really. Don't argue with me, because you are. I LOVE this picture of you

  2. love these shots! :) haha they are great. and I agree with Mal, even though you are standing a little awkwardly you have a great smile and nice job with the editing :) I feel like right before this picture you were like, "Look Ryan! I'm a giraffe!" and tried to stretch out your neck ;) Also, I'm wondering if when we finally meet I will be shocked to see how different you are than I have created you to be in my mind! :)

  3. Cute kids, Emily you look like a model, keep taking great pictures. Turkey and green bean casserole soon.


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