The esplanade on a Sunday.

First of all, I'm watching Modern Family. Catching up on a few episodes actually. And I love it oh so much. If you have not seen "Phil on Wire," you absolutely need to right now. Cam and Mitch's story line is THE. BEST.

So my idea for going around Boston for different maternity should take us on an interesting ride this winter. Get ready for a lot of pictures of me with some kind of jacket or coat on. For real though, it's what I'll be wearing, so it's what everyone sees, so I feel like it's more "real life" than taking a picture in a bathroom and wearing something tighter just to get a better view of the baby. Also, our bathroom lighting is terrible. So either way, here's to experimentation, let's hope this works!

Ps. I'm betting a lot of pictures will be taken right after church in our car parking lot or right across the street from our apartment, so they're different parts of the city, but they may not be all over the city. But my goal is to go all over as we go on Sunday walks and drives, so we'll see.

Here's to week 19. Almost week 20!

We walked on the esplanade of the Charles River on Sunday and there's a bridge right off BU's campus, near the law school building that gets you there so it's just a hot-skip away from our place. You can kinda-sorta see downtown Boston behind me, too. It was a bit windy for most of the walk, but really, October in New England has been so good to us. Here's to the rest of fall and the start of winter!


  1. You look fantastic Emily, you are so gorgeous!!

  2. you really do have a great glow going on, and your actually starting to look pregnant! so happy for you guys

  3. Love this! and not getting sick of these photos. Can't believe you are half-way! Nice job on the baby growing! :)


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