I'm a tad late on this one, but last Sunday Ry took some 18 week pictures as we went for a walk around the Riverway. It's a long path that we didn't do all of that's pretty much between Brookline and Boston. If that means anything to anyone, haha. Either way, it was a beautiful evening.

You still can't really tell that I'm pregnant with most of my shirts, unless I wear a shirt that's more form-fitting and then I just look like I have a big-ish stomach, unless I do that classic hand-posed pregnancy pose. I've got a few shirts from my mom (thanks!) and I'm wearing the preggo pants she gave me and can I just tell you that my tummy looks bigger, or the same size as my behind (which is not very small, in my opinion)… and that's just weird.

No text-on-picture this time, but I'll probably edit it sometime in the next few weeks/months.

All-in-all, this pregnancy thing is pretty rad. Other than the mild sciatica that I have in my left leg and sometimes in my right, all is well and being on my feet for work hasn't been bad at all. Let's keep our fingers crossed it stays that way.


  1. you're halfway there!! woohoo! you look super good!

  2. yay! Love this!
    Also, every time I am in Target it takes all I have not to go buy a tons of little boy stuff and mail it to you. But I don't think Chase would like me spending all our money so I have to walk away quickly!


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