Can we go back to this weekend?

Ryan and I had Columbus Day off and thoroughly enjoyed our three-day weekend. Nah, we didn't go crazy, but we did:

- Watch My Fair Lady (It was my first time, don't judge me, I'm sorry!) and loved it. Man, musicals make me happy.
- Trapse around Trader Joe's and walked out with a super-ripe and super-good pineapple. Just a pineapple.
- Walk to JFK's birthplace from our house. It took like 30 min. to walk. We're THAT CLOSE to history and I love it.
- Walked down Newbury St. (a swanky neighborhood area near Boston Common)
- Tried Pinkberry for the first time while walking on Newbury and really liked it. And really liked the fresh strawberries we added. MMM.
- Walked the Riverway near our house and took some preggo pictures. The walk was so nice, but I'm starting to feel like an old woman and walk a little slower.
- Go to a bomb birthday party for Oliver that his wife Julie hosted. Ate super-amazing soup and creme-brulee as well. Didn't get to eat the mouse since it had under-cooked eggs. Just one more think I get to relish after March.

This weekend was awesome and although it's hard to go back to work and school, I taught some terrific  first and fifth graders today, which help make the week a little better.


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  1. i LOVE My Fair Lady! It's my favorite musical, but maybe that;s because it was my first. :)
    How in the world did you get out of Trader Joe's with JUST a pineapple?
    Yum Pinkberry. Now I want fresh fruit with some frozen yogurt!


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