a weekend review

This weekend was suuuper lazy since I got a head cold that started on Wednesday evening and finally let up early this morning. Ryan went to CVS early Friday morning and got me some Robitussin and Tylenol and the fancy Kleenex with lotion before I went to work and I was ever-so-grateful. Also, it was a super chill day at the office, thank heavens.

 I actually didn't leave the house all day Saturday and only left on Sunday to give a talk at church. Ryan and I both talked in church about King Benjamin's address and even though I think I said "uh" or "um" more times than I or my mother would have liked, I think it was a success!

Ryan even made Sunday dinner, shepherd's pie, all by himself! What a guy! I went to bed to take a nap right after church ended, woke up for dinner, then promptly went back to sleep around 7:30 or so and didn't wake up until 7 this morning. Needless to say Ryan make dinner, did the dishes, talked to both his parents and even my mom all while I was sleeping. I did mention before I went to sleep that I wanted him to call my parents since I was feeling like a terrible child not having talked to them in a week or so, so I just told Ryan to be witty like me and chat it up for a bit and he totally did! What a doll.


  1. I'm so sorry you were sick!! colds when you're pregnant are pretty much the worst things ever. Love you lots girlie!! Miss you tons!

  2. What a good husband! Sounds like you picked a winner ;)
    Glad you are finally on the up and up though!


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