Apple Crisp

I'm sure there are a ton of things you can make with apples. Come to think of it, I've made these amazing apple/caramel/cheesecake bars from Mel's Kitchen Cafe and I've always wanted to make PW's apple tart, an easy apple pie-like dish, but the first thing that came to mind was apple crisp so apple crisp it was! You can't go wrong with a topping of oats, brown sugar and butter. Mmmm.

I used this all-recipes.com recipe and it was definitely a winner. We ate it sans ice cream since I usually vote popsicles>ice cream. I rely on good friends to provide us with ice cream every once in a while since my self control is zero. haha.

Have I mentioned I love fall? I think fall in the East is the best. I don't think I ever thought of fall as my favorite season, but I think it takes moving to the East to realize this. Friends and family, come join us, this is awesome.

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  1. maybe we'll get out to new england to live some time, but for now alaska is definitely a step up from utah for fall! Glad you are loving it!


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