I just realized there are a billion pictures from when we first got here that I haven't posted. But no one really comments on new-but-old posts so I'm just going to pretend y'all are just shy and post them anyway because you want me to.

 In other news, we went to Smolak Farms this weekend, in North Andover, MA. It's about 45 minutes north and just a few miles from the New Hampshire border. Sometimes I forget how ridiculously far north we are until Ryan reminds me. I'm so excited for the fall in New England though and that we were able to go on a little Saturday morning date to go apple picking! Also, I hear you can go to the cranberry harvest on Columbus day somewhere in MA/NH and get a tour of the bogs. It'll be like living in an Ocean Spray commercial, I'm so excited!!

Back to the apples. It was a lot of fun and even though they weren't the cheapest (20 for a peck) we got to pick them ourselves and eat quite a few bites as we tried all the different varieties they had and see which ones we liked best. It was so fun to roam the rows and try to get the ones high on the tree. Johnny Appleseed was even there and the little kids listening to the songs and stories were absolutely adorable. Everyone had these sweet Red Ryder wagons they were pulling there kids in, too. That was even more adorable.

We also had some amazing apple cider donuts. They were cake donuts with a hint of apple cider and were oh so tasty. They also had some ice cream, but we were stuffed from munching on too many apples, so we'll have to come back for more amazingness. They also had some maple syrup, but I think we'll get some when we go to Vermont, whenever that is, just to make it even cooler.

We're loving the fall here in Boston and though I'm still nervous for the winter, we're excited to make a few more trips around Boston to see fall in New England and have happy thoughts as we're drowned in the NE snow.


  1. how fun! those donuts look uuuhhhmazing. yum! ship some over here :)

    miss you!

  2. love apple picking and love your byu pride. i really wanna visit boston!

  3. I just saw on another blog they went apple picking! crazy! this looks so fun. And I can't wait to see the beautiful fall colors in your pictures. Good Luck with the snow!


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