Recipe update

Just thought I'd post some of the things we've been eating lately, since I feel like our lives are a bit on the low-key side these days…wake up, work/school, dinner + netflix show of choice (lately: mad men or arrested development), ryan goes back to school, emily plays around on the internet, reads a bit, then goes to bed with or without Ryan, usually right when he comes home and he's still got some things to do around the house before he goes to bed.

Boring, no?

Here are some recipes to spice your dinner up a bit:

Fish Tacos. No  real exact recipe here, just some tilapia (we get frozen fillets from Costco, then thaw them and use the george foreman + whatever spices float our boat, grill them and then chop the fillets into bite-sized pieces), red cabbage, monterey jack cheese, lime, and the best sauce ever (aka a 1:1 ratio of mayo and plain yogurt, with a little bit of lime juice and dried dill and cumin). I got the recipe from Jen, Ryan's cousin, and she just uses mayo-yogurt for the sauce but I liked it jazzed up a bit with some extra flavor. Really, you can do, as PW says, whatever makes your skirt fly up.

Tortillini Soup (from Annie's Eats). Holey moley this stuff was SO GOOD. So much flavor. So good. I didn't make any changes to her recipe other than using regular spinach instead of baby spinach, since that's all I could find. I highly recommend this stuff. So good and I can't wait to make more of it this fall/winter.

PW's Tomato-Cream Pasta. Simple and delicious. Also, there's cream in it. So it's tasty. How could it not be??

Honey Lime Enchiladas (Sister's Cafe). I cannot tell you enough how much I love love love these babies. If I had a weekly rotation of favorite meals these would be on there. Along with Broccoli, cheese casserole.


  1. yum, i'll def have to make those fish tacos soon since we have tilapia in the freezer. love you, you cute cook, you.

  2. You posted this at the perfect time! I've been trying to come up with a menu to go grocery shopping! I LOVE PW's Tomato-Cream Pasta! And we are so trying the Honey Lime Enchiladas :) Thanks!!!


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