Goodbye Wymount

Before I post pictures of our new place, I thought I'd post a formal sendoff of our old place. It's more for posterity's sake, really. Also, I had just gotten my new camera and man, it can make any place look pretty darn great.

Dear Wymount,

I won't miss those white cinderblock walls, or all that grease that got stuck in the crevaces behind our stove that didn't have a vent, but I will miss our awesome quad, our friends, and constantly reminisce about all the awesome memories that we had in our home in Provs.

Love, Emily

Ah, big pantry how I will miss you! Here's to moving to a bigger city and smaller apartment :)


  1. Sad to see everything empty! but I'm sure your new place will be so exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of it!

  2. i'd take the cinder blocks just to have that pantry!


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