*I want to make posts about all the travels and fun things we did on our way from Provo to Boston, but I'm afraid I'm going to jumble them up. Some pictures are just too cool not to share, I guess it depends on how well I like the pictures at the moment that decides what gets posted when. Ah, the mind of a woman.*

I can't get over this picture (you should click on it immediately and make it your computer background pronto).
I took it at my parents and I love it so.
 It reminds me of my dad, and how much he loves the adirondack chairs they bought for their porch. 
It reminds me of my mom, since the last tie I talked to her she was sitting on the chairs, reading a book, and still in her bathing suit from being at the pool earlier that day. 
It reminds me of summer and the amazing happiness that the sun brings into my life. 
And it reminds me of vacations and how relaxing and calm they should always be.


  1. love those chairs. please show pics of your new home!

  2. Kaybear, I feel that you should be informed about the origin of this photograph. I took it, not Emily. She would like everyone to assume that an amateur like me couldn't take an amazing picture like this, but I did. BAM! Love, Brynn.


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