Friends. And more updates.

[It's a long post, but a much needed thank you to all our amazing friends in Utah]

With so much to say about our lives this past month, I thought I'd start with some pictures of our friends. We tried to do our best to see our good friends still in the area before we left and even though we missed some, and didn't take pictures of everyone [[Stacie, that picture we took ended  up not really taking since our sd card decided to go crazy on us that day. Boo.]], that doesn't mean we don't miss y'all. I'm getting sad already typing up this email, our friends are awesome!!

*also, Amy, your post is coming up*

We were able to see Ryan's TA buddies from work/school at a Sunday pizza-making party (Alissa, that pizza was out of this world, I need to get the recipe stat. :) and were able to meet up with a few more again later that week at Pizzaria 712. The food was great and the company even better.

We were also able to see the Doxeys and their sweet/adorable/cute/handsome baby boy, Declan. It was so fun to chat with Chelsea and watch the boys playing whiffle ball and hold the babe for a while. Even Ryan held him for a long time. Looks like he's warming up to babies afterall.

We also saw the LeMeistre's on the 4th of July! I can't believe I didn't even post about that. And Miriam had baby James just yesterday! Ah, I'm so excited for them. I can't believe we're not stairwell neighbors anymore, but the grilling skills Ryan learned paid off in Albany this weekend and they're just the best. Also, that Caesar salad that Josh made from scratch was waaaay good. Way.

On the Sunday before we left we walked to the Matheson's new (to them) place and were able to eat some awesome dessert and chat it up for a few hours. Their babe is getting bigger and bigger and he looks just like 'em. I ended up not getting a picture of us all together, but I think this picture is adorable. Hurray for dads and their boys. We had fun talking about everything they were up to and our plans for the upcoming trip and move.

On the day we left my awesome visiting teachers came over to help move and so did some kids from the ward. We were super appreciative and they even took some things we still had in our fridge and other random things we were giving away to save us a trip to DI (and thanks to the Hellewells for making that trip for us!!). Amanda and Dave also came by to help and since our movers were a tad late we were able to hang with them all afternoon. We grabbed some Cafe Rio, went to their garden, and watched He's just not that into you. I'll admit, I felt a bit lazy as they did real work while we just hung out, but it was so nice to be in a cozy, cool apartment while we waited. This picture is from a few days earlier, when we had burgers and homemade popsicles with them since our camera decided to be weird that day and not take pictures (we need/really really want a copy of the one Shanna took, Amanda!). Oh yeah, and we played just dance on the wii. I'm not ashamed of my ridiculous dancing.

*and Dave, I've still got that video of you and Ryan. It's on my desktop. I watch it from time to time.*

Have I mentioned we have awesome friends?

We're finally getting the swing of things here in Boston and get to move in to our apartment Monday morning! Our movers won't be here until a few days later (hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday), but I trip to Costco and Aldi will help us eat a bit better (cereal for bfast, lunch and dinner actually sounds fantastic). Also, I'm still job hunting, but I'm loving all the jobs I'm applying for. Cross your fingers for me please!

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  1. haha!! That picture is awesome and terrible. I'm laughing out loud at that message to dave. I think I need that video :)

    I'll post that picture/send it to you soon. They are cute! we miss you!


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