my amazing little sis.

Last week Ryan and I were able to stop by Louisville for a quick visit before coming to Boston. That visit included seeing my adorable and pregnant little sister, Kaylea and I couldn't wait to snap some pictures of her. Since it was vicious outside we just took a few, but I love the glow she's got about her and I'm so excited to see my niece/nephew when they arrive this November!

Kaylea, you are beautiful.


  1. I love you both! Kaylea, you are a darling, precious, cute pregnant lady! Emily, I'm so excited about your new adventures in Boston! Hope you are settling in!

    Love, Aunt Terri

  2. you're so sweet terri and em, thank you for taking some great pics of me! i love them!

  3. Kaylea there's no denying the glow Em mentioned in your post. You look great!


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