Half Birthdays!

Birthdays are always a good time, but are best enjoyed when no other holiday encroaches. Emily and I both have December birthdays (the 20th and 27th respectively), and while there are many positives, such as always being surrounded by family, there are also a few negatives, such as high stress environments and the classic two for one gift ("Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas!"). In a childish move to make ourselves feel better, Em and I have started celebrating our half birthdays in order to overcome our self-imposed, self-diagnosed complex.

For Emily I found a handbook to cheese according to Murray's. It is full of delicious cheeses that I am positive most people would do their best to avoid, but for those with more a distinguished palate, like Emily, it is a valuable instruction book for directions on properly consuming over 300 dairy delights. 

Recently Emily surprised me with Amazing Grace! This movie easily falls into my top ten list of favorite all time movies. It tells the tale of William Wilberforce and his lifelong struggle to abolish slavery from Britain and her colonies. It may be slow for some, but I love it.

That's it. No big birthday cakes, streamers or balloons. Fear not; although Emily and I have started this little tradition we still defer to our true December birthdays. In some ways I have to blame Amazon.com for all of this. How can you not find an excuse to buy such amazing gifts for no more than $10?


  1. I <3 Amazon & Half-birthdays. Remind me not to have any babies in December so my children will not have to suffer from this terrible condition. ;)

  2. Can I join you in the half birthday celebration? I totally hate the december birthday thing, mine's Dec 17th...

  3. it must be rough getting a gazzillion presents in such a short time.

  4. @Kaylea Having a summer birthday, I naturally figured you would not understand.

  5. haha maybe my baby will be able to better understand your hardship.


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