Grand Canyon!

We've been trying to be especially adventurous lately as we approach the two week mark before we leave. It's a little crazy that after 5 years of living in Provo I'll be saying good-bye, but we're so excited as well. Also, now we can cross off another thing in our 101 in 1001 list!

So two Saturdays ago we left super early in the morning and went on a day trip to the GC. I know, it's a little crazy, but we only have so many days left!! I'd never been and I can't wait to go to the south rim so that I can say that I've seen both sides!

can this be my backyard, please?

Ryan got so nervous about how close I was to the edge on this one. What a cutie. I dared him to go too so we could have matching pictures and he obliged. Maybe I'm not the best influence sometimes…

And on a side note, this ridiculously slow car made our trip at least 30 minutes longer than it had to be. It was like the driver thought he was driving a hummer and didn't know how wide it was and put it's breaks on at every curve, every time a car drove by… please don't let me be a bad driver when I'm older...

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