I can sew!

Ok, so I know I kept telling Amanda this over and over again (bear with me again, sorry), but I totally feel like I'm in young women's all over again when I sew. I feel like I don't really know what I'm doing and someone has to guide me through it all.

Thankfully, Amanda was there all the way and now I feel a bit more confident in my abilities. Since my mom is gracious and amazing and fantastic, she's agreed to let me take her old sewing machine. She's got a fancy embroidery awesome one now and I'm so excited. Thanks mom! I figured that maybe I should get starting now instead of being alone in our Boston apartment (while Ryan is studying ridiculous long hours I'm sure) and not knowing what I'm really doing.

So, today I made a onesie, a burp cloth and a bib, thanks to Amanda, and I'm loving them. We got the onesies and material from Wal mart (I'm really in love with it and may just go back one more time before we leave to get more) and she already had the terry cloth.

Look ma, I can sew!

I'm seriously in love with that little airplane onesie… good thing I have friends who are having boys! But really, the possibilities are endless…I have a good feeling about this new hobby of mine...


  1. SO SO adorable! I need to be better at teaching myself to sew things other than straight lines :)

  2. you're a natural! those pictures are way cute!

  3. Nice Job!! Good for you. I wish I liked to sew! My mom is an AMAZING seamstress and quilter but I just do not have the patience for it!

  4. If you looked closely you'd see i'm not as patient as I'd like to be either...ha


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