cleaning and moving

taking pictures after Ry's graduation just two months ago!

I don't normally make posts in one day, but this morning I decided to do some deep cleaning of our bathtub, oven top and sink and even though I'm coming to love cleaning (my family will attest that I'd much rather organize than clean, and even then, I have a hard time going through with big organizational projects in a timely matter…) it's made me think about moving and it's sad! We've had friends over pretty consistently this past week and we're constantly thinking of places to go and food to eat before we leave and all the friends we want to see and it's a little heart-breaking. I'm excited to move and start over. To get more creative with our living space and to organize and get rid of our junk before we move, but I'm also sad to leave everything that I've become so familiar with these past 5 years! I never thought I'd be in Provo this long, and I never thought I'd be so sad about leaving, but I really am.

Here's to all the happy memories, all the awesome friends we've made, and all the memories and friends we'll make in the future!!

Also, we're moving in about 12 days, so hit us up if you'd like to do something fun. And if you're in the Phoenix area, San Angelo area, or Columbus area, we'll be driving that as we slowly go to Boston, so let's hang out!!


  1. ugh, I feel like I could have written this post just a few weeks ago! I've definitely had some hard days here wondering why we left all our friends and our great happy life in Provo. But then I have good days when I realize how awesome it is to move on and make yourself grow. Love you guys and miss you!

  2. Give us a call when you are in Phoenix. We'd love to see you.
    -Rocky & Brenda


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