When we were excited to watch BYU basketball...

So before the whole Davies honor code issue, we were all super-pumped to watch the SDSU/BYU bball game and the Doxeys invited us over for the game, awesome 7-layer dip, and afterwards we played a crazy little game of "in the manner of the adverb." Has anyone ever heard of that and loves it? I definitely had never heard of it and I absolutely loved it.

Here's the whole group:

And here's the group acting "ferocious"--ferociously was the last word of the game and I had such a hard time guessing, but it was all worth it--watching everyone act out the word as they were a lifeguard saving a kid, getting their driver's license for the first time, building a house, and teaching a kindergarten class (they all just looked like angry cats to me…). It was definitely a riot.

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