Trip to CO!

We had so much fun on President's Day weekend. Hurray for important people's birthdays! We're so grateful that the Mulligan's invited us to stay with them for the weekend, they're the best. Grant, Ry's bff from childhood, is a riot and his family treated us just like family as well. It's pretty sweet to have a second family as cool as them.

The weather treated us pretty nicely. It was so beautiful, especially when it snowed. And it was nice to be able to enjoy it and know that we didn't have to go anywhere for a while.

We didn't take a lot of pictures, on the camera, but believe me, there are plenty more snapshots in my mind. We can't wait to go back and enjoy their home in the springtime!

 the view from our bedroom

 playing pool while we're snowed in

 the ice covered lake on the day before the big snow

 my cutie of a husband

 no explanation needed :)

beautiful and super-shy horses

Did I mention it was wonderful? It was. We also played Settlers of Catan the whole weekend--a total of 8 times? And we're officially addicted. We can't wait to use some Christmas money and buy it for ourselves!!!

*And a big thanks to the Mellor's for semi-quelling our thirst and for playing with us tonight. I can't wait to play again!

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