I hate taco bell

Has anyone heard of the whole Taco Bell being sued thing? Here's a little exerpt that I found, and I've highlighted the absolutely scary and alarming parts that make me despise all things fast food (although I'll always have a love for Chik-fil-a, but they're a classy fast food establishment so they're totally excluded).

"Alabama attorney W. Daniel "Dee" Miles III started the beef brouhaha after filing a false-advertising suit that claims Taco Bell mislabels its products by telling consumers they are eating "beef" or "seasoned ground beef," despite having the product labeled internally as "taco meat filling."

That jargony term comes from the United States Department of Agriculture, which has a 202-page labeling and policy book that is designed to help manufacturers prepare product labels that are truthful and not misleading.

According to the USDA, which regulates the nation's meat supply, "taco meat filling" is required to contain at least 40 percent fresh meat and must be labeled with the product name, including the word "filling."
But that requirement applies to raw meat sold by manufacturers. The USDA doesn't regulate what companies such as restaurants can describe to their customers in advertisements as "beef," "chicken" or "meat," said USDA press officer Neil Gaffney.

The Federal Trade Commission is the agency that regulates whether or not advertising is deceptive. The FTC has no specific rules that define what can be advertised as meat or beef, said Betsy Lordan, an FTC spokeswoman."

Gross, right? Fast food places can call anything they want chicken or beef or meat and people have absolutely no idea what else they're eating. Ew.

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