i heart christian radio.

Here's a good story: The spring break of 8th grade (I think) I went on a ski trip with one of the local Methodist youth groups in town. A group of my girlfriends were going and since I'd never been skiing and wanted to go and it was relatively cheap, my parents let me. It was rad. We went to Breckenridge. I loved it. And, the practically the whole bus ride from Texas to Colorado, I listened to this WOW cd (like "Now that's what I call music[[just saying that title, makes me feel old]]" but with Christian pop songs instead). I memorized every song and seriously loved that CD. Now that I think about it, I think I stole it/borrowed for life from my friend because I just kept listening to it.

Back to the present: A co-worker brought up that she listened to Christian radio a few weeks back and now I'm addicted. I listen to the radio all day at work and practically have all the pop radio songs and commercials memorized, so it's nice to listen for a change of music. They also have hardly any commercials. AND I keep my ears peeled for songs from my WOW cd.

And guess what?! I heard a song from that cd today as I was driving home from work and belted it out. Totally took me back to my jr. high days. It was amazing.

For those of you that would like to listen to the song I heard and then another of my favs from those early 2000's, check out the videos below.

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