A [[very belated]] birthday party!

Yesterday Ryan and I celebrated his 24th birthday together. I know, it was a long time ago, but since I had already left to come back to work, we decided that it was high time we had a party together to celebrate.

I started the day by writing on a ton of post-its and putting them all over the apartment. And I told Ry "Happy Birthday" any chance I got. Then, I sent a mass text to friends and family asking them to text Happy birthday to him, to make it feel more like a real birthday.

After work and school we celebrated by making an AMAZING Good Stuff Eatery meal including the Prez Obama burger (the horseradish mayo is so good) and Spike's village fries. Seriously, so good. I made a non-alcoholic tiramisu for dessert and we watched the movie, Amazing Grace, as we prepared and ate our very drawn out meal (the fries took a bit longer, but good heavens, they're TO DIE FOR). I put up some decorations too, it was so fun!

*I didn't know the banner said "Happy 30th Birthday"…I thought it just said "Happy Birthday"..oh well.

**In case you're just dying to make the recipes we made, posts to come soon!

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  1. SO cute!!! I love the sign out on the door, it's so cool! Happy Birthday Ryan!!! :) And Emily way to go on the decorations and food, can't wait for the recipes to come!


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