Weekend Review: A wonderful Christmas weekend.

This weekend, including today, was super Christmas-y, which I loved. On Saturday I went shopping for my parents and in-laws, and shopped for some crafty things so that I could be a reindeer for the murder mystery party the girls at work had. Then on Sunday we had our ward Christmas Program and then I went to the murder mystery, which was all about Santa, elves, and reindeer (coolest murder mystery ever…but I can't really say that since it was my first). I didn't win best dressed, Nikki took the cake on that one, however, I did win best performance, so that was super-exciting. I didn't take any pictures since Terra took plenty, so once I get them I'll definitely post them.

Then, tonight, Christina, a girl in my ward (WOAH that's a lot of commas!), held her senior recital at the church building and called it an FHE performance. We went for FHE and listened to her and it was so beautiful. All her songs were about Christ and his birth and they were so pretty!

Even though I'm having HUGE second-guesses about going to AZ for Christmas (I'm such a baby and a slight Debby Downer and just want to go home to my family) this weekend has definitely gotten me in the mood and even more excited about the holidays.

[[Disclaimer: I'm totally not ok with all the holiday traffic. University Pkwy is always swamped these days! Hate it.]]


  1. I know what you mean about not being with your family for Christmas :/ Well not anymore I guess. Definitely give me a call or shoot me a text if you need a little break from the in-laws during Christmas break :)

  2. Thanks Jess, that definitely means a lot and if nothing else you will get a text from me while I'm there!


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