Christmas is coming!

This weekend I officially ordered (and it's been shipped too!) my little sister, Kaylea's, Christmas present. It's very exciting. However, since she's a reader of this blog, I can't tell you what I got her until after Christmas.


I thought I'd use this space today to inform Kaylea of what to do when a certain package from Anthropologie comes to her this week. DON'T open it. The gift couldn't be gift-wrapped and since no one wraps better than you and mom anyway, feel free to wrap the box (Remember: DON'T open) in Christmas attire and place under the tree or by the fireplace to remember to open on Christmas Eve.

And seriously, I'm really excited about this present.

ps: Kaylea, please comment so I know you've read this. It's super critical. For real.

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  1. your bday present is from there too! i can't wait to open it the second it gets here! just joshin. i love you em!

  2. i wish i could open yours to me right now...and mom's too...my birthday couldn't come sooner!!


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