One day I'll be crafty

M is for Mangum. I've recently been drawn to craft blogs and all things DIY and homemade. I found this cool letter on here, and I initially found it the link to it at How About Orange. Amanda also has a cute printable that she framed to make her weekly menu and she found it at How About Orange. I love it so much and I definitely plan to print one out and pretty much copy her step for step (It definitely adds a little spice to our simple Wymount kitchens). She's my copy-center employee friend and now that she's graduating, I'm thinking I should have taken more advantage of that! Oh well, seeing as we still haven't printed out any wedding pictures (it's been a year and a half), I guess it's expected that I'd be a slacker at printing out other cool things as well.

Anyway, enjoy my ramblings and enjoy the holiday season!

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  1. haha, there is nothing to copy! also, I have one week left. put in your orders now :) we'll have to get together! I love that M


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