our first present

For those of you who read my Facebook stati (the plural of status, of course), you'll know that we got another fabulous prize tonight (but don't look it up now, that's totally cheating) but last week we got our first Christmas present of 2010 from one of my super amazing co-workers at work, Kjirsten. I was pretty excited. I also had just come home from my yoga workout, so don't judge.

It was an advent calendar! Also, this was our first Christmas decoration to go up in our house (we're festive, we promise. we're also trying to be light packers for our move to law school in the fall (i know, we may or may not think a little too far in the future for our own good…)) since we hadn't really bought anything before then. Since then we've got some other odds and ends popping up though, I'll be sure to post them. Also, I'm totally going on a clearance shopping spree to buy a few things for next winter. But I digress...

Hurray for the holidays!!

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