Laugh all you want, they keep my feet warm. Oh, so warm. And they're the only boots that my calves and fit in (I wish I was lyin...). And that can be tucked into my jeans. They've gotten me through 3 winter seasons and I have a feeling they'll take me through many more (unless of course we move to AZ this upcoming year, in which I'll get them out when I visit my parents in Indy and when I just want to surround my feet with amazingness).

There are many things I can live without. But with the cold Utah winters, these babies have been wonderful.


  1. I love your uggs. I feel ya on the bigger calves...like shoe sizes I think they should have calve sizes....it would just be good for everyone. Good to see you tonight :) Let's party!

  2. I love my boots like that too, SO wonderful in the Utah winter. I still wear them here, even though it doesn't snow. And I'll keep them until we move in case we move to a place where it snows. Like you said, I like to surround my feet with amazingness.


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