Happy ((belated)) Halloween!

So I just realized that I didn't do a 4th of July post until afterward either, but hey, it was the weekend so I'm excused. Anyway, Ry and I had a blast at our ward party and even though we didn't take pictures until the night was over, I think our costumes were rad and we were super comfy the whole night.

We dressed in all red (and both turned our red Nationals and Reds shirts inside out--(GO RANGERS [they're red too, so it works, ok?!])) and then bought a pair of hand-cuffs and hand-cuffed our hands together. Can you guess what we were??


Ahh, we're so punny.

By the end of the night the blue painting tape that said what we were had pretty much had come off, but you get the idea. Hope you're weekend was fabulous! We still have a pumpkin that we never carved, that's probably rotten inside, but at least we bought one…it's one step further than we got last year, so that's progress, right?

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