Yup, we voted.

I know, I already told you that we were registered to vote here, but I just HAD to tell you that officially, we voted. It's kind of fun voting in local elections actually, and this year Ryan and I were able to become more involved than I have ever been, so it felt a lot more personal and I think everyone should be as excited, or even more!

Ryan worked for a campaign when he was in the Young Dems in high school, so he was more experienced than me coming into the whole "getting involved" thing, but I made up for it by working for the Utah Co. Dems (one of Ry's mission buddies works in the leadership there) by calling about early voting and then calling for the local House candidates the day before and day-of the elections. [[Disclaimer: I totally don't belong to one party or the next, so it was interesting working for a party and getting a bit of an inside glimpse, and being convinced that all the Dems in Utah are pretty much just a tad bit liberal Reps and totally deserve to win]] We both even went out and went canvassing on the Saturday morning before the elections to hang door-hangers for a couple of the candidates in a north-Provo neighborhood.

Even though it's getting late and we still don't know if Don Jarvis won (a House candidate for our Provo area) and even though many of the candidates I wanted to win, or at least *almost* win, didn't I'm super-proud we voted and got involved.

Oh, and one of my life-goals is to have both a Republican and a Democrat's sign in our yard. Given our occasional political dissagreements, I think we've got a high possibility of this happening.


  1. Dear Em,
    A) you're adorable. Honestly. I'd tell you that every day, but it might get a little awkward.

    B) I love that you can write about politics without being annoying. It makes me love you even more. :)


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