Soup Failure

Turns out you can't make butternut squash soup with spaghetti squash. I PROMISE that the sign said "butternut squash" at the store...too bad I didn't even really know what they looked like so I couldn't make an educated decision and look and say, "nope, those don't look a thing like the squash I wanted to buy."

Oh well. I tried. I failed. I tried to puree it as much as I could, and added some sugar too, but I just couldn't eat it. It reminded me of the time I tried to make carrot juice. Carrots in a blender taste like carrots. Mushed. Awful.

Well it turns out it wasn't that bad, since Ry had two bowls of it before I tossed the rest. It reminded me of how my dad would sometimes finish off our food so it wasn't wasted. Such a dad thing to do. And it reminds me of how many characteristics Ry has that remind me of my awesome dad.

On that note, if you're in the mood for soup, try this recipe. It's the one I was planning on making. And if I ever buy butternut squash (I'm planning on buying and re-making the soup this weekend) I'll put it on the blog. Because food failure is SO not cool.

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