Good Luck Ry!

Ry takes his LSAT this Saturday! If everyone could say a little prayer for him, we'd totally appreciate it. I know this week has been a tough week for him studying for this along with two midterms and writing a group paper and completing a research paper outline.

He's a stud and I think one of the biggest lessons that I've learned this last week as he's been hardcore focusing: I hate doing the dishes. I'm known for making a mess in the kitchen, but usually Ry helps me clean and does the dishes. I've been doing the dishes so Ry can have more time to do his homework and I absolutely abhor it. Seriously, Ry is a major stud and I'm so grateful he does the dishes and so much more to help out.

All in all, I know that Ryan will do great and I am so excited for this next year of our lives, wherever we will be.

Have I mentioned that Ry is a stud??

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  1. Good luck Ryan!! Also, I hate dishes too. And sorry about your food failure...it's the worst!


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