Weekend Review: Conference, Mission, Peaches, Neighbors

*from a photo session with my sister this weekend*

I feel like such a slacker! I haven't blogged in, it seems like, forever! Sorry all you faithful readers, but Ry's been hogging the computer and I've been working and hanging out with him every second that I can squeeze in since his LSAT test is this Saturday and he's been studying like a mad-man.

I can't believe this Saturday is finally approaching! Ryan is totally my hero and he's been studying so hard, I'm so proud of him. He works so hard!

In other news, here's the weekend review!

1. General Conference was amazing. I haven't downloaded the talks to my podcasts yet, but I'm so excited to do that and get the Ensign and read them all a few times, before April comes around!

2. I can't believe that we went to our last mission reunion while living in Utah*. Ryan was able to meet up with the last mission president he had and touch base with his first one too. I brought Brynn for the ride this time and it was nice having someone else to talk with while Ryan chit-chatted with all his buddies (he didn't even have time to sit down to his dinner, he ate standing up!).

3. I bought some AMAZING peaches from BYU's farmer's market and made some peach cobbler just last night! I didn't take a picture since it's too dark, but maybe tomorrow when the lighting is better I can show you the cobbler(s) in all their glory.

4. Our neighbors are amazing. At 10 pm last night Josh came over to give us a few slices of bread Miriam had made and helped us turn on our heater. Then I gave him a cobbler and as he was leaving to get us more bread the Mellors came home from an ultimate frisbee game and we talked in the stairwell for a good 10 minutes or even 20? I love being friends with my neighbors, it totally makes a difference in life!

*Well, we don't know where we're going to law school yet, and he's applying to BYU so there's a chance we could stay here, but we have our eyes set elsewhere. Who know's where we'll be in a year, but keep your fingers crossed it'll be east of Utah.


  1. come to tennessee :) sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  2. sounds like a great weekend! good luck to ryan! thanks for the cake, it was delic!


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