Weekend Review: Apparently we laugh pretty loud.

This weekend was actually pretty chill. My dad called me Sunday night but I only had 10 minutes to talk and when he asked about my weekend I couldn't really think of anything cool that we did. That's always a bummer to me, when you can't remember the things you did over the weekend. but in case you were wondering, here's how it went down:

On Friday I went into work for a girl who was sick, so I felt bad for her but it was great to get more hours in. Ry and I had a lazy Friday since he was prepping his mind for the dreaded LSAT (boo).

Saturday was the big day and he's finally done forever (keep your fingers crossed) and while he was focussing hard on his test, I watched Best in Show and two episodes of 30 Rock. I use my Saturdays oh so well. Then we watched the BYU game and we finally won a game! Oliver and Julie came over and watched the game with us (they're true fans officially…in their final semester at BYU :) and we had an AMAZING meal of Julie's famous chicken chili and I made bread bowls for it. That's right. Homemade bread bowls. They were rad, just sayin.


Oh, and as for the title, we played Scrabble afterwards and it was not a good evaluation of our vocabulary levels. It was a long time before we thought of words with two vowels (just ask Oliver) and we were busting up quite a bit. Then today, someone at church mentioned how they were going on a walk around our quad and could hear us laughing up a storm. And how they walked by when we had Josh and Miriam over and could hear us all laughing then too. Turns out if you know how to laugh loudly, you can be our friends :)

Have a great week everyone! Hopefully I won't be as lame as last week as post a bit more.

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